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BackCountry BombSh3lls Ambassadors

Meet The Ambassadors

Ambassadors: Meet The Team

Mandi Frinskie

My name is Mandi and I am the Founder of BackCountry BombSh3lls, I am also a Primary care Paramedic. The backcountry means so many different things to me. Not only is it where I find my #mentalhealthescape but it gives me solace and peace; a breath of fresh air to clear my mind body and soul. 

I have been sledding for as long as I could hold my own head up. My brothers and I used to ride out at our grandparents lake lot, in the Smoky Lake area. If we weren't sledding we were out riding our custom built go carts that our grandpa made for us, or out on the boat, knee boarding, tubing and fishing. 

I bought my very own Sled in 2018, and it was just a lil 600, 144, but let me tell you, that sled made me fall back in love with sledding. I struggled the first year really bad, but I kept working and went to some ladies rides, and put myself out there to really start connecting with ladies in motorsports. I met some of my amazing supports and ambassadors through exactly that; putting myself out there to be able to meet ladies and gentlemen in the sports I loved and wanted to try.

I met a lot of the sponsors through sledding, and now dirt biking. being able to talk to amazing humans in this industry and being able to have the chances and opportunities that I do I have to say I am so very blessed. 

I can assume that if you have made it this far, you too are a supporter and I wanted to thank every single one of you. If it weren't for you this could never be possible. 

David Frinskie

...stay tuned ...

Alicia Humphries

In a nutshell I’m a daughter, sister, cousin, mother, step mother, wife, auntie, and grandma, from little old Hinton, AB! I LOVE getting out and living life.  I’m the kind of person who will always choose to leave the dishes in the sink and head outdoors to spend time with my family & friends! I’ve been a work from home, stay at home mom for the past 15 years raising our two boys. Volunteering my “extra time” at the school, minor hockey board, and our local boxing club where I also coach ladies fitness boxing classes! Inspiring others to do better, feel better and just be better truly fills my cup!

No matter how I’m feeling I know if I just get outside I feel 1000% better. This past year has brought me back to dirtbiking, which was put on the back burner for the past 10 years as I was busy being a mom and more focused on my family than myself. I didn’t realize how much I missed it and how truly free and happy I am when I’m on my bike in the middle of nowhere. The beauty, the friendships, and also being lucky enough to share my passion for dirtbiking and getting out into the wild with at least one of my boys is a bonus! In this crazy fast paced insta world we live in, I strongly believe everyone needs some sort of mental health escape to just be where they are happy

Amy Fegyverneki

I grew up in rural Alberta but have always known the mountains are
where my soul belongs. So as soon as I could I moved to Golden BC and
haven’t left for 12 years. My backyard playground here leaves no
shortages of #mentalhealthescapes and always offers adventure. Working
from home on my own schedule gives me the freedom to balance life and
work and take those much needed breaks from sitting in front of the
computer screen and reset my often overly anxious mind. There’s
nothing that beats the feeling of flow as you carve through the snow
on a bluebird day with some good friends. So excited to share my
adventures with others and be a part of this awesome organization.

Bex Fontaine

...finishing her bio...

Brittney Toews

Hello, My name is Brittney Toews, I have been riding ever since I could walk! My Dad got me into the sport and I haven't looked back. Over the last few years I have progresses a lot with my riding. Feeling more and more confident this season than others. Constantly learning and pushing myself out of my comfort zone. The BackCountry has been my escape from real life, there is nothing better than being out in the mountains with friends. I am stoked to see what the rest of the seasons bring!

Cassie Jares

My name is Cassie, but some call me Sassy (big stretch I know). @Sass307 is my instagram handle, check it out! I'm 27 years old and love just about everything BackCountry! Snowmobiling, dirtbiking, hunting, fishing, snowboarding you name it, I've probably done it and love it. I'm from northern Minnesota, USA but my heart and husband are from Wyoming, USA. I spent roughly 7 years living at the base of the Bighorn Mountains honing my love for it. My life endeavors involve quite a few jobs in the first responder world, I've been an EMT/Firefighter for nearly 10 years, I was a 911 Dispatcher for 4, and in the Bighorn Country Search and Rescue team for the majority of my time living there. Since all that I often struggle with PTSD and horrible panic episodes. The Backcountry and the activities associated with it have definitely become my #mentalhealthescape and allowed me to have a semblance of peace again. I think it's extremely important to take care of yourself, and I work to promote that to others struggling like myself.

Darren Bockus

My name is Darren Bockus, I grew up in the Okanagan and enjoyed the summers and the outdoors and backcountry while growing up. After collage a found a job in Alberta and started my first job as an aircraft maintenance engineer. After finishing my apprenticeship I ended up in grande prairie Alberta, I have very limited days off in a year so when I have a day off I go directly to the backcountry. Anything outdoors I enjoy either hunting, fishing, quadding, snowmobiling, I got addicted to backcountry snowmobiling and fell in love with the freedom and the escape from day to day life. Through snowmobiling I have met some incredible friends. I always try to push myself to be a better rider everytime I go out on a sled and learn from those that have been riding more then I have. I will always try my best to help others and so they can enjoy their backcountry experience as well, either helping fix there sled or getting someone unstuck. I am very excited to be apart of the backcountrybombshells team and helping others enjoy the backcountry and bring awareness to mental health. I'm always up for good time in the backcountry with good friends and to meet other while I'm there. Feel free to say hello and ride with me if you get the chance.

Dyson Fischer

My name is Dyson, I grew up in the Lloydminster area where I spent most of my time Racing Dirt Bikes, Sledding, Hunting, Fishing, Jet Skiing, and playing hockey growing up. I am a Project Manager and I value my time off, especially when I get to spend it in the BackCountry with friends and family. I find it helps me reset and decompress, the fresh air and views really help take away the day to day life stresses and let me escape to clear my mind.

Elizabeth Martin

For the first 20 years of my life I grew up in the dance studio as a ballerina doing all things artistic and creative but around 20 years old I found a new love for adventure and motor sports. Fast forward a few more years and I get to live my life through adventures with my boys. I spend my days trying to Keep up with them ands enjoy all of the new things I have tried and fell in love with along the way. I never imagined my life would take this turn and I couldn’t dream of anything better. My favorite part about both sides of my life is all the strong women I have met along the way who inspire me. This year I moved into a husqvarna 300 te and it has been awesome. Taking me places I never thought I could go. I try to fill my life with as much biking, fishing, camping, hunting and a tiny bit of everything else as possible. Life is one big adventure and all I want is to have as much fun as possible.

Heather Simmons

My name is Heather, friends call me Simmons, social media knows me as ditch bitch. I’ve been riding snowmobiles since I was in diapers, I count being dragged around behind a sled in a toboggan as baby sledding. When I was younger it was just an activity I could do to spend time with my dad and brother, while my toes froze into popsicles. When I was 17 I stopped sledding for a few years due to an unexpected fight with depression. I fought for years and almost lost.. I got help, got meds, took myself off the meds and continued on with my journey of life. As I started to crawl out of the hole that was my mental illness, I started realizing how important sledding was to me as an individual. I got a new to me sled in 2013, it was my first big girl purchase, an 2009 Skidoo MXZ Renegade X, that’s when I started to ride for me, and my mental health. I started to push myself to the point where I was doing things I didn’t think I could do, I was trying things that a trail sled wouldn’t allow but I was damned if that would stop me. Last year, in 2019 I decided I needed to grow my skills as a rider and my patience as a woman. I bought a brand new 2020 Skidoo Summit x, this sled has changed everything. From the darkness I had to climb out of it is super important to me to keep a level head and keep my stresses low. Sledding has been one of the saving graces in my life, and will continue to be a great point of growth and positivity for me. When you're out there, snow in your face, freedom under your skis, adrenalin pulsing through your veins, it makes all the worries or stresses of life just ebb away. The people you meet , the adventures you have (even just getting to the staging area sometimes!) the laughs, the tears, the frustrations, are all a part of the amazing experience that is snowmobiling . Sometimes you just need to forget it all and go shred some pow. our team since the beginning. They are a key part of assuring we provide high quality products and that our clients receive top-notch customer service.

Jenny Hashimoto

Hi my name is Jenny, I grew up in the West Kootenays. Spending most of my time outdoors, I was surrounded by beautiful glacier Mountains and a crystal clear glacier fed Lake. I never realized it at the time but now that I’m older I can see my life in the outdoors has been my mental health escape. In my opinion getting outside in nature is the best therapy for mental health. You can’t beat the fresh air, beautiful scenery in all seasons. I am so thankful for the life I have the opportunity to live in the great outdoors. This is my 4th season snowmobiling. I am riding a 2022 Skidoo turbo expert. I am a mother of two daughters & the wife to an amazing, supportive husband.

Kayla Chamberlin

My name is Kayla Chamberlin and I feel honoured to be apart of Backcountry BombSh3lls and getting to tell my story about what #mentalhealthescape means to me. 

Firstly, I want to say a huge thank you to our girl Mandi for doing a phenomenal job on this as I know it isn’t easy doing all that she does. She goes above and beyond for what she believes in and her time that she dedicates to not only this group but to what she stands for. I may not be a paramedic but I do work in the health field as a continuing care aide going on 4 years and one day hopefully further my career in the health field. I have so much respect for anyone in the medical field as some days are not an easy one. 

I have a son who is 10 and trying to teach him what the outdoors can do for one’s mental health is important to me as I suffer with anxiety myself. Whether it is hiking, fishing, quadding, hunting, sledding, dirt biking and so much more. It’s been a life changer for my mind and soul. We have been through a lot of obstacles over the years and getting ourselves outdoors has been a huge help to not only myself but to my son. To see him smile after a ride on the dirt bike or quad or sled with me or my partner knows he enjoys it too. 

Thank you for taking the time to read my story. Cheers!

Liz Mounter

“You know you’ve reached a milestone when you’re cautioned to slow down by your doctor, instead of by the police.”
—Joan Rivers If I ever get to this point. My friends and family have been instructed to euthanize me immediately. It’s not about the age, but better yet, the miles. My name is Elizabeth Mounter. I was born and raised in a small town outside of Leavenworth, Washington, USA. Nestled in the core of the Evergreen state. I have been addicted to the mountains pretty much since day one. I am loud and outgoing. And I have an unstoppable drive. I care a lot about people and want to see people succeed. I think healthy outlets like snowmobiling, dirtbiking and getting outdoors are some of the most important things in life. I’m a very supportive person and believe in doing little things that can have big positive affects on people. I have been around the racing and sledding community my entire life. But it wasn’t really until my late teens that I got deeply involved in the sports myself. I bought my first “race bike” when I was 17 and my first backcountry sled when I was 21. It was a snowball effect from there. I spent every weekend and every extra dollar traveling to ride and meet new groups. I have had amazing experiences and not so great ones as well, learning more as I go. But the riding community has brought with it some of the biggest blessings for me over time. Using the backcountry as a mental escape to me, means being able to shut off the rest of the world, other worries, and other things that may be happening around me on the normal day to day. Being able to go to a happy state of mind, even if there are a lot of other things falling apart. It has been my pleasure to join the Backcountry BombSh3lls Foundation and everything it stands for. I look forward to growing with them as a team!

Lou Potter

My name Is Lou; the back country is my back yard. I live for it. It’s where I can stop take a breathe and meditate. And then also climb a mountain and recharge. 

I feel at home In nature and breathing the fresh air. My favourite is when I am in the middle Of no where and there is absolutely no cell service. I love to disconnect. 

I always have survival gear with me, and always respect nature. Never litter! And never ever scare animals, always take out what you bring in.

Mark Fontaine

My name is Mark Fontaine, I grew up in Northern Alberta, I enjoyed the summers, outdoors and backcountry while growing up. Originally from a small place an hour outside of Grande Prairie Alberta. When I have a day off I go immediately to the backcountry to do whatever I can. I love anything outdoors, whether it is either hunting, fishing, quadding, snowmobiling. I got addicted to backcountry snowmobiling and fell in love with the freedom; the escape from day to day life. I have met some incredible friends and people through my love for the backcountry. I always try to push myself to be a better rider and learn from those that have been riding more than I have every time I go out. l always try my best to help others so they can enjoy their backcountry experience as well, either helping fix their sled or getting someone unstuck. I am very excited to be apart of the BackCountry BombSh3lls Team; by helping others enjoy the backcountry and bring awareness to mental health. I'm always up for good adventure in the backcountry with new and old friends friends. Feel free to say hello and come join the ride with me if you get the chance.


... finishing her bio...

Melissa Legge

Hi My name is Melissa and the backcountry has always been my Mental health escape. I work in social work and having a job that entails working in crisis can be emotionally draining & burnout is a real thing. I'm always so grateful to have the opportunities I do to take care of myself and the number one thing I preach is time in nature. Whether that is chasing my friends through single track or sitting quietly on a river bank I find both therapeutic in their own unique ways. 

I love the messaging of BackCountry BombSh3lls as it encompasses self care, mental health & the great outdoors.

Nikki Denomey

My name is Nikki. 

I was born & raised in Kamloops, BC. I’m currently a nursing student so most of my time is spent studying. If I’m not studying, I’m escaping into the back country! Hiking, hunting, fishing & snowmobiling are my favourite outdoor activities. They’re what I consider to be my mental health escape.

Nikki Kelley

Hi, my name is Nikki Kelley, and I use the backcountry as a mental escape frequently. Most often, I dirtbike, snowmobile or mountain bike. The backcountry has been an integral part of keeping me sane throughout all of the transitions of motherhood, marriage and the pursuit of a graduate degree. 
The backcountry is unlike any other escape because I feel at peace when I am there. There is something about being on top of the world that calms my soul. 
I am also very goal-oriented, and these sports allow me to push myself mentally and physically. More importantly, they have provided me with human connection when connecting with others has been difficult because of the pandemic. I feel so fortunate to have been introduced to this lifestyle because there is nothing else like it. If you know, you know. See you out there!

Sam Kyle

hello, my name is Sam, I am a self employed metal fabricator/welder. I have been in the Alberta trades for almost 10 years now. (Tried quite a few different ones), I also farm with my parents.

The backcountry is my mental health escape because it allows me to get away from civilization and technology. Basically encourages you to let go of the daily stresses at hand and just focus on what is in front of you, literally haha. My motto is if one still have cell service in the back country, you are not far enough in. I’ve always loved the mountains. And the peace being surrounded by then brings you. Fell in love with backcountry sledding about 4 years ago. (My ex bf and his friend at the time didn’t want me to get into it as it was “their” thing. I did it anyway and look at me now years later ) 

Unfortunately, the sledding off season is my full time work season. But when I do find some free time, you can find me on a boat surfing or tanning, quadding, camping, or farming 

Taylor Goebel

Hello everyone! 
My name is Taylor. I am so proud to be an ambassador for BackCountry BombSh3lls!
I grew up about an hour west of Edmonton with my parents and two brothers and have actively been involved in backcountry activities my whole life. 
I wanted to be a part of Backcountry Bombsh3lls because I love that they not only advocate for mental health awareness, but they bring light to a way many of us use the back country as an escape from the effects of anxiety and depression, as well as taking care of our mental health in general. For as long as I can remember, before I was even old enough to be aware of mental health, I was already using the back country as my escape. From something as simple as walking out my back door into the woods, finding a fallen tree and sitting there until I felt at peace with my emotions, to holding the throttle wide open across our field, yelling and singing, the back country has always offered me a safe place to escape.
There are so many ways we can use the back country to help enhance our mental well-being. My hobbies include dirtbiking, sledding, camping, fishing, hunting, snowboarding, cross country skiing, hiking, walking my dogs, and just any good spontaneous adventure! I love promoting the activities I do and seeing others get involved in one's that interest them. Although the escape and having time to myself is amazing, I thoroughly enjoy getting out with others who share my passions. I love teaching others and helping out when I can. These interactions provide me with such a sense of fulfillment and joy, and I think that plays a huge part in uplifting my mental health. 
I am so grateful to be a part of such an uplifting community! You all are amazing, Never stop exploring friends!! ♡

Dana Gardner 

My name is Dana and from a small town in northern BC. I’m a mother of two girls and I have been a LPN for 13 years.  Snowmobiling makes my heart beat especially when I’m deep in the backcountry! 

I am so fortunate I don’t have to go far to the backcountry, but the deeper I go the more healing will happen. I learnt my strength and independence from loading my sled, and adventuring in the mountains. I would Find unique way to problem solve and overcome many things. It’s incredible the healing power of mountains and the backcountry have to make your mind clear and your soul feel complete.

Whitney Booth

Hello my name is Whitney Booth. I am beyond excited to be a Backcountry Bomshell Ambassador.I grew up in a small town in southern Saskatchewan very close to the U.S. border. My family owned a cattle ranch and I absolutely loved it. I love all animals but growing up the cows found a special place in my heart. Whenever I had a bad day I could walk out and go be with the cows and it brought me mental peace which is what I needed. Just being with them took my mind off the daily pressures of being a kid.It wasn't till after high-school when I was introduced to sledding in the mountains. My boyfriend at the time started to go. I loved the mountains and I really loved snowmobiling. We didn't get to do it much at home because we don't usually get much snow. So I told him I wanted to go with him. There was a pretty big push back. He told me that it was only for guys and that this was his getaway. To be fair, it wasn't just him saying these things. It seemed nobody thought I had any business going because I was a girl.This was hard for me to swallow. I grew up being one of the boys. I could do everything they could. I could wrestle calves the best of them. I played hockey with the boys. Why was it so different when it came to sledding? Luckily I was born persistent. I rarely ever take no for an answer. So I decided to sell some of my calves and I bought myself an old sled and all the gear I needed to be safe in the mountains and I thought to myself, dammit I'm going with you guys whether you like it or not. My dad always encouraged me. If it was something I wanted to do and fear or doubt was holding me back, he would push me and motivate me to go and do it anyway. He believed in doing what you want to do in life and not holding back for any reason, even money. He always found a way to make it happen. He always said "You can't take your money with you when you die so may as well spend it on things you enjoy while you’re here." I learned there is always a way.After I had a few seasons of mountain riding under my belt I found myself absolutely obsessed with it. I have tried a few different sleds during the years but am currently riding a 2019 Skidoo Summit 154".The adrenaline and the satisfaction of proving my strength and ability has built my confidence in myself. There always seems to be a new struggle as your riding progresses and you begin trying new things. That's what I love so much about it. I love the challenge it brings and I love the satisfaction you feel when you pull some fancy maneuver off.Life still likes to throw its curve balls. Last season I had to take a season off riding because my husband and my father were fighting their own battles. They were both diagnosed with cancer only a few months apart. This put me in a whole new challenge. I wanted to go riding so bad during that time because it was my therapy. It was my escape. But I knew my husband needed me and I didn't want to miss any opportunities I had to spend time with my dad. I persevered, I faced my fears and I made it through.My husband is in remission but sadly my dad passed in the fall. Losing my dad was so hard. I had to find ways to work through the grief. So this past riding season I spent some time doing what I love and that was sledding. I had a huge growing year and my riding shows it.I have an awesome riding group that is a mix of guys and girls all enjoying the sport and respecting one another. I absolutely love it. I also love meeting new people on the mountain and sharing stories and tips and tricks and just the interaction with like minded people is amazing.Now I have a great job working with guess what? Cows! My husband and I live beside a lake and I have purchased a seadoo spark to continue my much needed throttle therapy into the summer months. I think my dad would be proud of me. He taught me to never give up. I found a way.I have struggled with mental health for as long as I can remember. This past year has been the most challenging year of my life. There is something about squeezing a throttle that makes all the confusion and the intrusive, critical and negative thoughts just disappear. When I ride, it is like a weight is lifted off my shoulders. I love what Backcountry Bombshells stands for and I'm so excited to help spread mental health awareness. Hope to see you on the mountain. <3

Tierney Barker

Hi, my name is Tierney. I’ve grown up in the beautiful Okanagan for most of my life which has allowed me to explore the outdoors and back country even more. Sports and health/fitness have always been a huge part of my life. As a child, teenager and now adult, I’ve always been involved in sports, exercise, and taking care of my mental and physical health. Once I rode a snowmobile for the first time, I was hooked. I remember the smile on my face and the way I felt riding up into the mountains and that familiar feeling of getting out into nature. I didn’t realize for a long time how connected I felt with nature and the outdoors, even having spent a lot of time in the mountains snowboarding, hiking, and exploring the Okanagan area. Snowmobiling has allowed me to explore the back country so much more and has pushed me to accomplish things I never thought it could. I’ve been riding for 2 years now on a 2012 Skidoo Free Ride and am so glad I made the decision to jump in. This is just the beginning!  This sport has led me to connect with and meet some amazing women (and men) and opened my eyes to even more opportunities and back country activities. Snowmobiling has been a huge #mentalhealthescape for me. It’s brought me a lot of peace and a way for me to release any stress or tough life circumstances. Even if I’m not feeling it one day, I know that once I’m out there I feel alive and so much better. Being up in the mountains with beautiful views and nature all around is a definite perk too. These last few years have taught me that addressing and taking care of mental health is so important and I want to be an advocate for others (especially females!). If it burns in you enough, you will find a way. See you out there! 

Jennie Hansen 

Hi, I'm Jennie (or Jen). I live in the East Kootenays in the small town of Cranbrook, BC.

I spend most of my time in my garage (shop), working on my small home business, Kootenay Rustic Designs, creating wood mountain and geometric art. 

When I'm not working in my shop, you can find me either hiking, mountain biking, dirt-biking, snowmobiling, camping or boating (pretty much any outdoor activity that helps me get that Mental Health Escape needed to get away from the everyday stress and constant hustle we are all faced with).

Sarah Barlee

Hi! My name is Sarah. I grew up in Langley, BC. I knew the city wasn’t a place for this girl so I headed to the mountains the day after I graduated highschool. I spent 3 years in Banff, AB and then moved to Revelstoke where I was introduced to back country snowboarding only to fall absolutely in love with snowmobiling that I forget to bring my board now. In 2015 I got married, bought a home in the Shuswap and in March of 2016 I became a mother. I sold my dirtbike and sled thinking I wouldn’t have time to ride and slowly became more and more depressed. I didn’t realize how much I depended on my machines to get me out into the backcountry where I feel most grounded. My #MentalHealthEscape! After struggling with depression and a failing marriage I moved out and separated with my husband and started purchasing toys again. First came the sled and then came the dirt bike! And now my 6 year old son rides too making these hobbies even more exciting! Teaching my son to snowmobile and dirtbike is an absolute dream come true and watching him enjoy it makes my heart feel so full! 

The snowmobile community has introduced me to some of the most badass babes ever and I am so grateful for each and every one of them! I have made some of the most amazing life long friends who all share the same passion and are out there doing these sports for the same reason. To have fun, the adrenaline rush and for our mental health! I appreciate the BackCountry BombSh3lls and what they represent! Bringing awareness to Mental Health is detrimental in this day and age! Please know if you are ever struggling I will always be there for you! My Instagram handle is @SarahBarlee. I am

Not a professional but I am always here to listen and offer guidance and love. Don’t ever be afraid to ask for help! You are not alone! 

Become an Ambassador

Are you interested in representing BackCountry BombSh3lls?Apply now by emailing us! In your email, include a run down of Why BackCountry BombSh3lls, tell us about how the backcountry  is your #mentalhealthescape, what sport you do, where you live and what you do for work when you aren’t in the backcountry escaping.
Currently the applications are open until September 15th, 2023.

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